10 Foods to Beat the Heat

Cucumber – They cool and hydrate you at the same time.

Lemon – Lemon is a super food. Mixed with water, it helps in weight loss to combating dehydration.

Coconut Water – An immediate energizer, coconut water can be your savior from heat spells.

Butter Milk
– It is light in the tummy, cools & dehydrates the system.
Onions – Red onions particular are known to have very high water content.

– Watermelon relax and hydrate you.

– It cools your stomach and are a rich source of many nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamins – C, A, E, K, & B6, potassium and many more.

Curd – It is a delicious ccolant.

– Just like watermelons, Melons and muskmelons too have high water content.

Mint – Mint has amazing cooling qualities.