Success Story

Endeavour towards Mankind

More than 25,000 people are treated and cured miraculously, through Yoga & Meditation.

For more than 30 years, the therapists and healers at Aarogya Sadan extensively focus every patient (Men, Women & Children from all age groups) and perform Yogic Treatments & Therapies over the patients who are suffering from general or chronic illnesses.

Since health is the most prominent area of concern in our life, we always desire to have a healthy body and a calm mind, which should last forever. Applying some changes in the lifestyle and ways of living, anyone can achieve this. However, it is not easy to spread awareness on how to have a good health & better lifestyle to over one billion people by a handful of resources.

Therefore, in the realm of spreading wakefulness, Aarogya Sadan has joined hands with an NGO, registered under the society’s act of Govt. of India, to educate people living in rural areas about the miracles, which evokes from Yoga & Meditation. Aarogya Sadan, under the aegis of Navjeevan Welfare Society is acquainting people diversely, in the never-ending process of serving humanity, with the benefits & advantages of practicing Yoga & Meditation.

Our Regular Programs:

General Fitness Program : 2 – 4 Weeks
Specific Treatments & Therapies : 2 – 4 Weeks
Cure & Prevention from Diseases : 1 – 2 Months
Certificate in Yoga Training Program : 3 Months

The services of Aarogya Sadan are also available –

  • For Home-Visit Treatments
  • In Schools & Colleges to Benefit Students in Examinations
  • In Residential Societies for Large Groups
  • In MNCs & Government Offices for De-stressing Employees to Increase Productivity
  • In Communities & Neighborhood for Elderly People, Ladies & Children
  • For NGOs & Healthcare Organizations in Spreading Good Health Awareness through Camps & Events
  • Special Seminars and Workshops, to spread awareness about Healthy Living in Schools & Educational Institutions, Offices, Clubs, Govt. Departments, Rural Areas, Health Camps, and on T.V. Channels & Radio Stations are frequently organized.
  • Orientation and Training Sessions about the benefits of Yoga & Meditation to the people working with M.N.C.s, Corporate and Business Houses in order to enhance the quality & productivity of work.

To know more in detail & schedule an appointment, please call: +91 (988 833 8575)