Top 3 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Body Fat

Although people generally associate yoga with more of mental activity than physical activity, but the fact is that yoga can be the best exercise to stay healthy. In fact people who re looking to shed those extra pounds of their body and have tried all the techniques available in the market, yoga can prove to be a life changer.

Here are some of the exercises that can help you lose weight in an efficient way –

1. Dhanurasan – also known as the bow pose, this is the most effective pose to lose belly fat. In this exercise, the person has to lie flat on his/her stomach and bend the knees. Now with the help of hands, the person has to hold the legs and knees to form an arch. The arch should be formed in such a way that only the belly touches the ground

2. Pawanmuktasan – in this pose, the person needs to lie down on yoga mat and fold the legs from knees. Now, the person needs to hold the fingers of the feet and bring the folded legs towards the stomach. The most difficult part comes next, i.e. the person has to lift the head and try touching the nose with knees

3. Bhujangasan – this is also known popularly as the cobra pose. In this the person needs to lie on the mat with stomach facing the floor. After this, the person has to raise the body and head up with the help of back muscles, while keeping his hands under the shoulder

These three, if done appropriately can work wonders for any person looking to shed weight. However, proper care must be taken while performing the activities. In fact, the best option is to do it under the surveillance of a professional. So are you ready to lose weight with yoga?